Thynk Empowers Hoteliers Worldwide with Data-Driven Business Agility and Operational Excellence

April 26, 2023
Kelley Noblet
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Re:Thynking Hospitality Technology

Hoteliers worldwide are facing staffing shortages, ever-changing guest preferences, and new business demands, requiring them to adapt quickly to stay profitable in an evolving industry. Thynk is leading the charge with its ground-breaking Hotel CRM and system of record, which serves as a centralized source of knowledge and processes for sales, operations, finance, and management teams across properties and departments. Thynk puts control back into the hands of hoteliers by providing "effortless flexibility in managing operations, which unlocks data-driven agility and operational excellence for our customers" according to Thynk's CEO, Pascal Petit

Centralized actionable data by design

The platform's unique competitive edge is its ability to provide actionable data aligned with specific business goals, giving hoteliers a holistic and up-to-date picture of guests throughout the customer relationship cycle. Using fully automated processes and deep integration with several property management systems, Thynk enables hotels to engage with guests at the right time with personalized offerings, leading to efficient guest service and heightened satisfaction and profitability. 

Thynk's comprehensive design supports big brands, management companies, and independent hotels across a wide range of use cases, adapting to the priorities and goals of any hotel business regardless of type, brand, or size. With consolidated data reporting, Thynk provides vital performance insights and information on risks and opportunities for corporate and property leadership and centralizes the knowledge and efforts of sales teams for hotel owners and asset managers. 

Thynking ahead 

Thynk's successful $13 million Series A funding round reflects its exceptional growth and the confidence investors have in the potential of its automated hotel sales and operations technology. Despite the scarcity of VC-led investments at the time, Thynk's ability to secure such a substantial amount of funding is a testament to its strong traction and track record. 

Thynk's Series A funding will expand its (already) global ecosystem throughout key regions, including Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia, ensuring that more hoteliers can benefit from its Hotel CRM solution. As a scalable and future-proof platform, Thynk will continue to focus on enabling seamless integrations with the full spectrum of systems and services that hoteliers use

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April 26, 2023

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