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Email generation

Send Automated Emails

Emails can be sent based on dynamic HTML template to any contact and triggered by any field change. Use automated emails to send personalized messages to a guests or groups pre-stay, during their stay, and post-stay. Leverage this communication method to cross sell, upsell and deliver attribute based services.

Focus Where It Matters

Automation can create and update tasks based on predefined timebound actions in order to build a sequence and keep sales teams focused on their highest priorities - the customer.
Drag and drop

Drag & Drop Automations

Automation is configured from a visual, drag and drop interface. No IT skill is required. Design and automate any business process by simply dragging and dropping the required information.

Real-Time Monitoring & Escalation

Automation can be generated from reports and dashboards. An escalation path can also be configured when you want to be proactive.
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Flexible approval processes can be easily configured based on any field change. The configuration automatically reads users profiles and hierarchy. Use approvals to validate deal stages and special discounts.
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