Multi-Property Management

Operational excellence is facilitated by transparency and process management.
Connect operations solutions to Thynk, centralize data management, and cut through the noise to make actionable decisions.

Internal & External Resource Scheduling

Products can be activated across every property in order to enable cross-property product management. They can be included in offers as individual products or as part of a predefined package.

Multi-Resource Calendar Management

Drag and drop events  and monitor event status directly on the scheduler. All types of resources are supported including Room, Transport, Equipment, and third parties services or equipment.

Agile Group Booking

Manage flexible multi-day packages supporting variable PAX and room types on each day. Manage run-of-house, rooming lists, and room pickup associated directly to the booking.

Tailor-Made Daily & Weekly Function Sheets

Effortlessly produce daily and weekly function sheets that can be customized by HTML word templates. Once customized, function sheets can be produced at the click of a button.

Reminder & Workflow Automation

Set up trigger or time-based reminders and workflows that automate repetitive tasks.
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Customizable Reports & Dashboards

Design, implement and manage dashboards to stay up-to-date on each business unit's performance, or group-wide performance. Reports can be customized and production can be automated.
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Pre-Payment, Deposit, Proforma Management

Manage client payment flows in one place, with reminders and automated triggers to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Direct Posting to PMS & POS

Sync live with PMS and POS data so that all data is always up-to-date and clean. Thynk is integrated to both push and pull data in real-time.
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Multi-Property Management

For groups with more than one property, manage all resources across your entire portfolio to easily coordinate upsells and cross-sells.

Built by hoteliers, for hoteliers.

Thynk helps hoteliers optimise time to market and cost of sales  in a ever changing world.

Being built on Salesforce ™, Thynk’s solution is delivered at enterprise-grade and on a highly flexible customer centric framework. 

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