Hotel B2B Sales

Corporate and Agencies.

A customer centric, multi-property solution that is built to centralize the management of sales activities, complex account management, business blocks,
corporate rates, and flexible invoicing.
Match your sales organization with your corporate accounts' and high value agencies' way of working.

Consolidated View with Pickup & Revenue Data

Get a holistic view of every corporate account or direct contact’s profile by centralizing POS and PMS data into Thynk’s datahub.
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Property-Driven Lead Management

Switch from property-based sales efforts to a centralized and concerted approach. This improves efficiency and management clarity while enabling cross-selling.
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Multi-channel Sales Activity Management

Too many sales and communication channels to manage? Integrate and centralize everything into Thynk’s sales console.
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Account Hierarchy Management

Map out each client’s organizational hierarchy to work more efficiently with the right point of contact.

Territory & Target Management

Allocate sales targets and territories to sales teams, then track their performance by team member, region, or account.

Frame Agreement Sales Cycle

Manage frame agreement sales cycles end-to-end using Thynk’s modular sales funnel framework, with kanban or list views.
Multi-Property Management

Commission & Discount Management

Manage commission allocations to external resources and partners, while also managing rate agreements or discounts with clients.
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Deploy Corporate Rates & Monitor Against Targets

Create, deploy, and manage group-wide corporate rates that sync directly with the PMS. Monitor rates against performance targets and external benchmarks.
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