Thynk Expands its Ecosystem with the Acquisition of Please ask m

Harriet Ruby
October 11, 2023
2-min read

In a move that solidifies Thynk’s position at the forefront of hospitality technology, we are proud to unveil the acquisition of 'Please ask m'. This isn’t just another feather in our cap; it's a strategic union aimed at empowering hoteliers in ways previously unimagined.

"We are elated to announce the recent acquisition of Please ask m, a significant step forward in expanding the Thynk ecosystem. Merging Thynk’s hospitality cloud with the capabilities of Please ask m is akin to setting our sights on the horizon and then reaching for it. We're not just enhancing our platform; we're defining the very future of hospitality." Pascal Petit, CEO of Thynk, remarked.

Thynk leadership team
Thynk leadership team

Thynk's hospitality cloud powered by Salesforce is more than a tool – it's an enabler. It streamlines operations, empowers hotel staff to craft unforgettable guest experiences, and transforms data into actionable insights. Now, with the addition of Please ask m's revenue generation modules, hoteliers have even more ammunition to create new avenues of growth.

"With Thynk, we have a shared vision, one that sees beyond today's constraints. The addition of our revenue generation modules to Thynk’s cloud ecosystem is like giving hoteliers a key to countless new doors of opportunity." Mark Struik, Founder of Please ask m, stated.

As Thynk's hospitality cloud grows in stature and capability, hoteliers find themselves equipped with a comprehensive platform. One that’s not only ready for today's challenges but is also poised to capture tomorrow's innovations.

"Integrating Please ask m into Thynk’s ecosystem is a harmonious convergence of two like-minded entities. Our mission has always been to innovate and elevate, and with this new addition, the sky's the limit." Nils Scheers, Thynk’s COO, shared.

Thynk's commitment remains unwavering as we embark on this new chapter. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the core values and exceptional quality of Please ask m seamlessly meld into our fabric. And with Mark Struik’s guidance, the future is not just bright—it's luminous.

This new venture will enable our customers to build great hospitality experiences that their guests will love; in a faster, flexible and more efficient way than ever before.

Nils Sheers, COO of Thynk and Mark Struik, Founder of Please ask m shaking hands
Nils Sheers, COO of Thynk (on the left) and Mark Struik, Founder of Please ask m (on the right)