Thynk Partners with ExploreTECH

Melissa Jurkoic
February 14, 2022
1-min read

Today we are excited to announce that Thynk.Cloud is now a founding member of a unique digital marketplace recently launched in the Middle East and Africa – ExploreTECH.

Explore TECH and Thynk logos
Thynk is a founding member of ExploreTECH

What is ExploreTECH?

ExploreTECH is a regional marketplace focused on connecting hospitality and travel professionals with technology providers.  Their current regions of focus include the Middle East and Africa.  The platform will provide a venue for solution providers to share information about their products and services in order to help those researching and comparing available solutions in the hospitality industry.

Ralph Melis, Co-founder of ExploreTECH said: “Our goal is to drive a new era of digital transformation across the industry by positioning our platform as the go-to marketplace of the future. By creating such a unified platform, we are enabling a new kind of digital strategy development for users and providers alike.”

Read more about the launch of this first-of-its-kind marketplace here.

Why did we join ExploreTECH as a founding member?

We are focused on creating an ecosystem that brings agility and optionality to the hospitality industry.  We believe in the power of choice at a time when we all need to make the rate of change inside our business match the rate of change that’s occurring outside every day.

ExploreTECH brings together multiple players, small and large, in one market place with the goal to transform and lift the industry.  This is not only aligned with our mission at Thynk.Cloud but helps us extend our reach and share our message more broadly with those looking for an alternative solution.  We strive to empower hoteliers to make the best technology decisions for their business by aligning the technology with their process - not the other way around.

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