April 2022 Product Update

May 16, 2022
Melissa Jurkoic

Below you will find a brief, high-level description of enhancements and new features included in the latest product updates. 

We listen to your feedback and you can see below that many of your requests have been included in this round of updates.  Give us more feedback about your experience with Thynk here!

Thynk's Scheduler, with a property wise view
Scheduler with a property wise view in Thynk


Quotes contain details about bookings such as the account information, contact for the booking, guest rooms blocked, function rooms, commissions, packages and more.  Here are some of the latest updates to help you manage your bookings more effectively and efficiently.


Packages provide you the ability to bundle services together to deliver unique and personalized value to your customers.  To ensure these are easy to use and complimentary to other areas of the quote functionality, we have made the following updates:

Group Booking

You can now use the enhanced Group Booking feature to enter the room block for your quotes by room type, rate type and occupancy type. It is a good visual method of adding and adjusting your room blocks.  

Scheduler (Function Diary)

The Scheduler is where you can see available function rooms (for all of your properties) along with those that have already been blocked.  You can create and manage events right on the scheduler and change your view to be by day, week, month, or even a custom date range.  

We know that you have different levels of details that you need to see together so we support multiple instances of the scheduler displayed at the same time!  We love the feedback you have shared on this experience so far and have made a minor update to make it easier for you visually:

PMS Connectivity

Two-way integrations with PMS  providers ensure that your data is always up-to-date and clean. We include integration with Oracle Opera, Mews and StayNTouch. As you share your feedback, we continue to optimize the experience and take advantage of new features that our partners are releasing on their roadmap.  Here are some of the features we have added to the Thynk platform to create a seamless experience where you can do your work in Thynk and trust that data is flowing with your other systems.

Rooming List Updates

MEWS Integration Updates

Opera Integration Updates