January 2023 Product Update

February 21, 2023
Melissa Jurkoic

Below you will find a brief, high-level description of enhancements and new features included in the latest product updates.

We listen to your feedback and you can see below that many of your requests have been included in this round of updates.  Give us more feedback about your experience with Thynk here!

In our latest release, you will now see a detailed message explaining what failed validation across the entire solution rather than “Something went wrong.”.


Packages provide you the ability to bundle services together to deliver unique and personalized value to your customers. In this release, we delivered some major updates to packages to ensure that they are easy to create and add to quotes. Discover the value of packages  and how to add them to bookings.

The following changes to packages are now available: 


Note: You may see the word “Booking” used interchangeably with “Quote.” To standardize our product, we have begun to modify labels and page layouts to ensure that Thynk is more user-friendly. One of these changes is to update MYCE Quote to Booking. This change is currently targeted for a February 2023 release. 

Quotes contain details about bookings such as the account information, contact for the booking, guest rooms blocked, function rooms, commissions, packages, and more.  Here are some of the latest updates to help you manage your bookings more effectively and efficiently. 

One of the major changes in this release is that booking stages can no longer be skipped.

Guest Rooms 

Clone Booking 

Group Booking 

PMS Connectivity

Two-way integrations with PMS  providers ensure that your data is always up-to-date and clean. We include integration with Oracle Opera, Mews and StayNTouch. As you share your feedback, we continue to optimize the experience and take advantage of new features that our partners are releasing on their roadmap.  Here are some of the features we have added to the Thynk platform to create a seamless experience where you can do your work in Thynk and trust that data is flowing with your other systems.

Opera Updates 

Mews Updates 

Scheduler (Function Diary)

The Scheduler is where you can see available function rooms (for all of your properties) along with those that have already been blocked.  You can create and manage events right on the scheduler and change your view to be by day, week, month, or even a custom date range.  

Previously, when filtering by property in the function diary (scheduler), the filter showed only events (quote meeting rooms) where the booking was set for the selected property. However, bookings often are assigned to one property with events at another. Rather than have the filter check for the booking’s assigned property, we now check for the property of each event. This way, the function diary helps prevent overbooking by showing a full picture of the availability at a property. 

Products & Combo Products

Accounts & Contacts

As part of the standard Thynk package, we now offer two fields on the contact for better CRM maintenance: Active and Inactive Reason. The standard set of values for “Inactive Reason” is: Retired, Moved to another department, Left the company, Deceased. These fields will be added to the Contact layout during installation.