June 2023 Product Update

July 10, 2023
Emma Montgomery


Bookings contain details such as the account information, contact for the booking, guest rooms blocked, function rooms, commissions, packages, and more.  Here are the latest updates to help you manage your bookings more effectively and efficiently. 

Rate Products

We understand that you may need to bundle products to guest rooms on bookings. While we have packages for bundling events, guest rooms and products, this is a simpler use case that doesn't always require the use of packages.  Introducing  a new feature called "Rate Products"! 

How do Rate Products work?

  • Any Thynk Admin can create a rate product, which links a particular rate to a particular product. 
  • Any time a guest room is added to a booking using this rate (ex. Bed & Breakfast rate), the product (ex. Breakfast) is automatically added to the booking and linked to any subsequent changes on the guest room. 
  • If additional guest room nights are added to the booking then the appropriate amount of products will be added based on how the rate product is defined.
  • You can read more about how admins create rate products here.

Change Dates

Let's say a customer calls they need to postpone their event for a month. You just want to update all the guest rooms, products and events on the booking to the new arrival dates. 

How do you do this?

  • You should always use the "Change Dates" button, not change the arrival date directly on the booking. 
  • Going forward any time you move the arrival date to a future date, you will be prompted to use the Change Dates flow instead. 
  • You can still modify the arrival date or departure date on a booking to extend the length of the booking.

Booking Events

We love your feedback whether it is shared with us during our Thynk It Through events or directly with our team.  Many customers requested more flexibility in managing event attendance so now you will see new attendance fields on the Booking Event.

These new fields are:

  • Agreed Guests
  • Expected Guests
  • Guaranteed Guests
  • Set Guests

The existing Pax/Expected Guests field on the Booking Event has been renamed to “Agreed Guests.” 

  • Agreed Guests are entered when creating a new booking event. If left blank, it will automatically take the guest amount from the Booking. This field controls price for any products that are priced per person. 
  • All other guest attendance fields are for internal tracking and reporting only.
  • The Reservation Status field has also been renamed to Event Status.

Guest Rooms 

  • On guest rooms, the Release Date has been renamed to Cutoff Date to alig with the field on the booking.

Function Spaces

Our last release introduced several enhancements around shareable function spaces and overbooking alerts. 

Based on your feedback, the following updates are now available:

  • Capacity is now checked for shareable spaces and will trigger overbooking in the "Change Dates" flow on the booking if you exceed the capacity for that space.
  • A new filter was added to exclude lost and canceled bookings as well as the "shadow" events created for combination spaces to reduce the overbooking chatter alerts that are generated.
  • When an admin creates a function space that is not marked as bookable, that space is always excluded from any lists where events can have a space assigned.


How you define and sell products were updated to work better for you.  See the updates below:

  • Support for per unit pricing on booking products has been introduced. Previously, all pricing was "Per Guest," where the expected guests impact the total sales price of a product. Some products, however, such as transportation or equipment are priced independent of guests. 
  • Product description is no longer limited to 255 characters.
  • The Multi-Edit product screen has been updated to display the fields New Expected Guests and New Actual Guests rather than Pax.
  • All MYCE references have been removed. MYCE Product Type is now simply Product Type and MYCE section is just Product Info.
  • On booking products, the field for Resource is now Function Space.

Function Diary

More feedback from our community on the difficulty in viewing function spaces on the function diary had us evaluate the visual design.

You will now see darker lines between rows and columns to differentiate function spaces and start and end times on the function diary.  We have also renamed any reference of the Scheduler to Function Diary


  • Requests have been renamed to Inquiries.

UX Updates

We continue to update our standard page layouts to ensure a more consistent user experience. Included in this release is an updated Booking Layout page. (see images below)

  • This standard booking layout will always be configured to include your documents, including a BEO, Contract and Proposal. Some of the major changes include creating a Finance and Deposits tab, limiting the amount of information shown on the first related list and separating out the PMS connection specific data. You can speak to support about upgrading the latest layout.
  • It has been challenging for users when searching in certain scenarios to identify the correct record. For example, when you're searching for events to assign a product on a booking. To make this easier for you, now when you show all results when searching for events, additional fields are shown, including function name, start date/time and end date/time. See below.

PMS Connectivity

Two-way integrations with PMS providers ensure that your data is always up-to-date and clean. We include integration with Oracle Opera, Mews and Stayntouch. As you share your feedback, we continue to optimize the experience and take advantage of new features that our partners are releasing on their roadmap.  Here are some of the features we have added to the Thynk platform to create a seamless experience where you can do your work in Thynk and trust that data is flowing with your other systems.

  • As we introduce new PMS connections, we are working to ensure a consistent experience for all customers, regardless of PMS. To help with this, we have renamed unique PMS Id fields from Mews Id to PMS Id to ensure this is clear to all customers going forward. This PMS Id field exists on:
  • Rates, Items, Bills, Rooms, Room Types, and Products
  • We have also renamed the checkbox on Rates "Not in Myce" to "Hide from Bookings." If checked, this means that the rates pulled in from the PMS during the integration process are not shown in the available rate list when creating bookings. You can work with support to turn this on or off by default depending on your needs.

Reports & Dashboards

Your data is your most valuable asset. We want to bring its value to life for you and make it easier for you to gain powerful insights with our solution. To make this a reality, we have new reports and dashboards included in this latest release.


You can find the latest reports in a new folder called Thynk Reports on the Reports tab.  Here are the details of the latest reports and how you can leverage them:

Account Listing

  • Displays a list of accounts to see the current worth of each account so account owners know where to focus their prospecting efforts.

‍Monthly Revenue & Guest Room Summary

  • Show monthly totals for booking guest rooms and/or event production for any status.

List Views

There are also several default List Views included that can be used similarly to a report to view bookings.

Sales Pipeline This Month & Sales Pipeline Next Month

  • These  list views work best in Kanban view, but by default you will see them as a basic list. You can change the Display As to Kanban and then Summarize By "Total Amount incl. Tax" and Group By "Status".

Bookings by Owner Current Year

  • Show and measure the value of the property sales pipeline and display how many bookings are included by the booking owner for the current year.  This view can also be changed to Display As Kanban.

Bookings by Type Current Year

  • Show and measure the value of the property sales pipeline and display how many bookings are included by type for the current year.  This view can also be changed to Display As Kanban.


You can now find the latest dashboards in a new tab called Thynk Dashboards.  If you don’t see this new tab, please reach out to our support team to help you configure this amazing new feature!  Here are the details of the latest dashboards and how you can leverage them:

Booking Pace

The Booking Pace report measures your current property pace relative to the defined goals for the properties. 

  • Evaluate what has changed in guest room and event revenue based on new confirmed bookings, lost/downgraded bookings, revaluations, and slippage.
  • Visualize progress toward your property goals.
  • Compare your current progress with Same Time Last Year (STLY) values.
  • Review your pipeline of prospect and tentative bookings.

Sales Manager Productivity

The Productivity report shows guest room and event production by Sales Managers and compares it to last year's production and this year's goals. 

  • Review year-to-date revenue figures against goals for your entire sales team.
  • Compare current production with Same Time Last Year (STLY) values.
Sales manager productivity dashboard