Corporate Sales Managers

Unlike Property Management Systems (PMS), Thynk handles corporate accounts on a per-account basis rather than a per-stay / guest basis. This B2B CRM helps manage sales pipelines, structures, deploys corporate rates / frameworks, and enables central invoicing for corporate customers.

“Before we implemented THYNK our sales team needed to repeat many administrative tasks and they had no clear view on when & who was in contact with our clients, Now everybody has a clear view on all activities off the entire organization“

Olivier Meulemans, Director of Sales & Marketing at Martin's Hotels

Requirements Overview

Explore the requirements that Thynk’s general management solutions were built around

Multi-Level Management

“My corporate accounts can be groups and I need to manage a clear account hierarchy.”
Learn more about Account Hierarchy

Rate Management

“I need to have a solution to deploy corporate rates across all related client accounts and properties.”
Learn more about Rate Management

Align With Operations

“I need to propose my corporate customers with a central invoicing solution and simplify check-in / check out processes of their employees, and potentially limit the billing to extras (not included in the corporate rate / frame agreement).”
Learn more about Invoicing

Group-Wide Management

“Having a 360 view of my corporate accounts in order to optimize how I work with them, in a multi-channel environment (email, voice, chat, etc), and set the right priority would help general operations and sales”

“I need reporting on numbers at a group level”
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