Bundled Services

Selling bundled services require frameworks flexible enough to handle every type of product/service and automate sales cycle processes across multiple asset classes.
Thynk serves MICE, long stay, business blocks, hometel, F&B, entertainment, and any type of third-party services.  
We cover the full cycle: price, quote, contract, schedule, deliver (function sheets), and invoice.

All-In-One Booking UI

One centralized interface to manage internal booking processes of any product or service offered by your group.

Flexible Product Bundling

Onboard every resource from property to group-level, allowing sales teams to assemble offers that fit any guest need.

Customer-Centric Sales Cycle Management

Manage sales cycles with the customer or corporate profiles at the center of the process management. Manage per account rather than per stay.

Discount & Commission Management

Develop, implement, and manage discounts and commissions to stakeholders in the sales cycle.

Dynamic Proposal Production

Design and automate custom proposals for any type of sales cycle. Reduce proposal production time down to a few clicks.

Multi-Party Service Catalogs

Integrate service offerings from various parties and effortlessly offer catalogs to groups or individuals.

Multi-Property Resource Planning

Multi-level resource management, from granular single-property department views to multi-property views for centralized sales teams to cross-sell.
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Flexible Invoicing & Payments

Proforma and invoice schedules. Thynk also manages participant fees and enables any type of flexible invoicing both process and template wise.
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We provide the solution to optimize  time to market and cost of sales for personalized services including MICE, Business Blocks, Group Booking, Sales & Catering, Long Stay, and Hometel.

Let’s focus on MarginPAR: Build higher margin personalized service packages and sell them direct.

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