Data Insights

We help you drive operational excellence.
Get a real-time view of your business at a glance with dashboards, and dig deeper with detailed reports.
Use Salesforce to report dynamically on any data including sales activities, PMS, and POS data and be alerted when data changes.
Better understand your revenue and margin by focusing on MarginPAR and total account value.  
Manage your Cost of Sales and OPEX.

Multi-Property POS & PMS Data

Connect Thynk’s platform to your POS & PMS to centralize all data management.
Learn more about PMS & POS Integrations

Drag & Drop Reports and Dashboards

Leverage connected data to design and produce reporting dashboards, with automated report generation.

Decision-Driving Data Analytics

Use performance reports and dashboard insights to make data-driven decisions.

Budget & Forecasting

Align group and property level budgeting and forecasting with operational data, centralized for all users.
Learn more about Forecasting

LTV Based Revenue Management

Manage guest relationships and resulting operations around the lifetime value of each relationship across your group.

Alerts & Automation Across Workflow

Define alert triggers across any process throughout the customer journey, with opportunities to automate repetitive workflows.
Learn more about Workflow Automations

Manage & Automate Operations

Analyze operations at a group or property level using the data generated, then refine processes where needed and automate recurring tasks.
Learn more about Automation

Cross & Upsell Customer Journeys

Use data generated from the customer journey to identify opportunities to upsell more or cross-sell with other properties.

Are you ready to manage your hotels  more efficiently and monitor your business more accurately leveraging reports and dashboards?

We believe that the right data at the right time in the right context sits at the core of powerful decision making.  

We help you build custom and flexible insights on your data including PMS and POS with no IT involved.

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