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Relying on old sales techniques. Build strong B2B relationships. Align sales with customers and their expectations.

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How can Thynk help?

Key benefits that you need to focus on what matters to your business.

Maximize Efficiency of Sales Team

Create a repeatable, consistent sales process, so your sales team has a clear guide for qualifying leads, selling at the right moment, collaborating with the team, and other important sales tasks will help the team work better and faster.

Drive Higher Margin Sales

Improve profit and overall margin by focusing on the services that sell best and deliver the highest profit.

Deliver Communication that Reflects Your Brand

Ensure all communication with your customers delivers your unique value proposition and represents your tone of voice, language, and core message.  You have control to define a specific way to convey your ideas and values to your customers.

Thynk Negotiated Rates with proposal to send to client

They talk about it better than we do

Thynk is used by hospitality companies all over the world. See more reviews.

Five-Start Rating
Very efficient and flexible tool!

One of the best tool for hotel sales teams. We can customize it as much as we can which ease our process and enable the sales teams to be much more productive than before! Great tool that I highly recommend.

Five-Start Rating
A powerful CRM with all we could wish for S&C management

An up-to-date Salesforce tool for Meetings & Events management, super flexible, supported by an efficient team able to answer our most specific needs.

Four-Start Rating
Ultimately it's the best CRM out there

All the essential functionality, integrations and are fairly easy to use.

Five-Start Rating
Powerful & Efficient

We use it internally to increase productivity, communication, and customer satisfaction. It's up-to-date and flexible. The team behind it is efficient, supportive, and proactive.

Five-Start Rating
Excellent tool for sales operations automation

Perfectly customized Salesforce platform for Hospitality.

Everything you need in one solution

Key features to manage Hospitality Sales and concentrate where it counts: delivering exceptional experiences.

Account and contact

Consolidated Account & Contact Production

Get a holistic view of every corporate account or direct contact’s profile by centralizing POS and PMS data into Thynk.


Property-Driven Lead Management

Switch from property-based sales efforts to a centralized and concerted approach. This improves efficiency and management clarity while enabling cross-selling.

Integrated ecosystem

Multi-channel Sales Activity Management

Too many sales and communication channels to manage? Integrate and centralize everything into Thynk’s sales console.

Account hierarchy

Account Hierarchy Management

Map out each client’s organizational hierarchy to work more efficiently with the right point of contact.


Territory & Target Management

Allocate sales targets and territories to sales teams, then track their performance by team member, region, or account.


Flexible Group Business Sales Cycle

Your sales process must be flexible enough to accommodate changes, the needs of your customers, and the sales team.

Commision and discount

Commission & Discount Management

Manage commission allocations to external resources and partners, while also managing rate agreements or discounts with customers.

Negotiated rates

Negotiated Rates & Volume Contracts

Create, deploy, and manage group-wide corporate rates that sync directly with the PMS. Monitor rates against performance targets and external benchmarks.

Drive direct revenue beyond the individual stay

They trust us.

“We can generate offers in 3 minutes or less and we reduced lost business due to lack of follow ups to 0%.”

Robert Godwin, Managing Director, Lamington Group

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