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Contract Management

Be customer-centric and operationally efficient in the delivery of Corporate, Long Stay, Groups, Meeting & Events direct business
Account and contact

Account & Contact Management

Build a 360-degree business understanding of all of your customers. Manage account hierarchies and enterprise customers. Consolidate on billing accounts and business views.

Task & Process Management

Manage tasks, events, meeting reports, notes, and files from one dashboard. Automate workflows with action triggers and reminders.
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Analytics report

Real-Time Sales & Production Overview

Build flexible forecasting and reports, including trend analysis. Trigger actions on thresholds. Analyze stay, F&B, and extra revenues at an account level.
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Multi-Dimension Client Tracking

Build a consolidated billing-driven accounting view with analytical dimensions as required. Manage and consolidate leisure versus business stay revenue for same guests.
Negotiated rates

Rate Agreement Management

Include rates and discounts on list prices. Manage volume discounts and rates per property. Manage yearly revenue targets per service and incentives.

Sales Team Management

Sales hierarchy management for granular access rights, sharing of information, and automated data consolidation and reporting on teams and territories. Rights include application-driven rights and data access.

Corporate Client Relationship Management

One centralized database working in harmony with your PMS and POS.
Get the depth and strength of Salesforce ™ in an easy-to-use, fully customizable sales & operations solution.
Market, price, contract, plan, deliver and invoice any service.
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