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Reporting & Forecasting

Thrive Operational Excellence on top of PMS and POS by enabling impactful real-time reporting and forecasting.
Unearth agility from your PMS and POS data silos.
Leverage drag and drop custom guest and operation process automation, and automated emails based on HTML templates.
This can be triggered by any PMS or POS data point. Become customer-centric and data-driven.
Analytics report

Build Data-Driven Hotel Operation

  • Gain insight on PMS and POS data,
  • Build an efficient Reporting / Analytics / Forecast,
  • Have a crystal clear 360 view of all your customer data.

Mobility and Productivity

  • Work from anywhere on any device,
  • Mobile App & Offline mobile functionality,
  • Email integration with Outlook & Gmail,
  • File management in context,
  • Team collaboration via instant messaging,
  • Search engine.
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Build a Customer-Centric Operation Hub

  • Act upon data and fine-tune your operations smoothly,
  • Create automation, alerting, and customer journeys,
  • Build processes on data from PMS and POS, build end-to-end,
  • Straight-through processing across PMS and POS.
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Cross-channel communication

Build a personalized cross channel communication with your customers

  • Build personalized communication automatically,
  • Measure performance of each customer journey,
  • Communicate seamlessly on all channels: Voice, Email, Web, and Social Media,
  • Work from a central console with no IT required.
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Thynk.Cloud is powered by Salesforce.

Modern PMS and POS offer really nice user interfaces and flexible processes, but it remains difficult to build a seamless integration between the solutions.
In order to build new cutting-edge service offerings, hotels need to build flexible processes that can span PMS and POS, remain agile, and are easily configurable with no technical skill.

Examples Include:

F&B cross-selling to hotel customers,
Environmental impact calculation,
Monitoring and marketing,
Bundle offerings
It centralizes all PMS and POS data and enables a customer-centric and data-driven hospitality solution. The solution is made of hospitality functional modules made by hoteliers for hoteliers. It includes modules such as meeting and event, venue management, group booking, corporate rate, and frame agreement, flexible invoicing, function sheets.

The hospitality modules are managed from a central console to be run by business users in order for hoteliers to be creative, configure and finetune any type of business processes that will span POS, PMS, and their marketing automation solutions. This with no IT skill. Drag and drop powerful reporting and the dashboarding engine is included in order to make decisions on trusted data.